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Asked Questions

  • How long is a course?

    Courses typically include between 8 and 15 video lessons, and each lesson lasts between 5 and 20 minutes. You can watch the training at your own pace, whenever you want.

  • What is MT Copeland?

    MT Copeland helps you further your career in the building industry with expert-led online education that will make you a better, smarter tradesperson.

    Our training courses give you a foundation in construction fundamentals and trade skills with real-world applications and best practices to help you grow on the job.

  • How do I cancel my account/subscription?

    Log onto MTCopeland and click on “My Account” on the top navigation bar.  There, you should be able to access orders and subscriptions.  If you click on orders and subscriptions, you’ll find the individual order and subscription with a View button.  Click on View button to cancel your orders and subscriptions.  

  • How can we train our employees?

    First, identify the skills and knowledge gaps within your organization and set clear goals for the programs you offer. From there, have your employees select courses in our library that are relevant to their roles and career aspirations. Encourage employees to take advantage of training opportunities by highlighting the benefits and offering reimbursement options or provide company cards for self-managed learning. We offer discounted rates for 6 or more employees enrolled in a single course, automatically applied at checkout.

  • Can a learner view a course in Spanish?

    Yes! A learner can turn on Spanish Captions by clicking on the CC in any video lesson.

  • What’s included in the monthly subscription?

    Our all-access pass includes the entire library that you’ll have unlimited access to as long as you continue to pay for this month-to-month. You can get hundreds of video lessons covering technical skills to professional development. For the complete list of courses, click here:

  • How can my employee(s) start training?

    They can go to and click on the “Explore Courses” tab, then select any course(s) “a la carte” and add them to their cart to purchase. Each employee will sign-up and create their own account. You can check-in along the way and ask them to send a completion certificate for the course(s) reimbursement, unless they paid with a company credit or debit card. 

  • Do you provide Certificates of Completion?

    Yes, if a learner completes a course and scores over 70% on the assessment at the end of the course, they’ll automatically receive a certificate of completion with their name on it.

  • What happens if someone fails an assessment? Can they retake the course?

    Yes, they can take the course or the assessment again to attempt to achieve a passing score.

  • I need to replace an employee’s email address and send them a password. How can I do this?

    When you click into any course from your dashboard, just click on the three dots to the right of any name, then delete and re-add the employee into their seat, or send them a sign-on link. Please note that an employee’s learning history will be associated with the previous email address, so when adding in a new address, you will no longer be able to view their past progress. Once re-enrolled, an employee will receive an automatic email from MT Copeland shortly after with login details. (Please let the employee(s) know to check their spam or junk folder, just in case the email does not appear at the top of their inbox)

  • Can I review the material before I purchase?

    Yes! Please sign-up for a 7-day free trial for an all-access pass to the entire library of over 30 courses. After the trial, the cost is $99/month/per person and you cancel anytime.

  • What do courses include?

    Online courses include professionally produced videos taught by leaders in the trades and supplementary learning material such as quizzes, assessments and downloadable materials to help you acquire new skills. Watch anywhere, always at your own pace. We keep lesson videos short so they’re easy to watch after work or on your lunch break. You can finish a course in one sitting, or space it out over a week or two.

  • Which courses will you offer in the future?

    Right now, we’re focused on the building trades, which includes universal skills such as reading blueprints, construction math, and tools. Our future curriculum may include additional:

    • on-the-job skills like management and estimating
    • language skills: construction Spanish and construction English
    • specific construction skills like window framing, drywall hanging, and more
    • skills tied to other trades: think plumbing, electrical, and landscaping

  • How does your certificate work?

    Once you watch your course lessons and pass the final assessment with a score of 70% or better, you will receive a certificate of course completion.  You can access your certificate in the student dashboard as a downloadable PDF to share with an employer or on LinkedIn.

  • How do I find my courses?

    To find your courses, visit  Log in and click on “Dashboard” on the top navigation.  From there, there is a red button on the top right called “Student Dashboard.”  Click on the button to access your courses.

  • I’m exploring training platforms for my company, what do you offer?

    We provide 65+ hours of on-demand, industry-led curriculum, taught by trades professionals that cover a wide range of skills from building fundamentals to carpentry and specialty trades. Our online courses provide a foundation in construction fundamentals and trade skills with real-world applications and best practices to help grow on the job. 

  • What is the cost?

    We have two options to start learning on our platform. 1) Individual courses are $75 or $225 with discounted rates for group enrollments of 6 or more seats per course, automatically applied at checkout. A learner will have access to the course material for 30 days. 2) An all-access, monthly pass to the entire library for $99/per person. This is billed monthly and you can cancel anytime.

  • How do my employees enroll in courses?

    Each employee can select courses “a la carte” for $75 or $225 or get an all-access pass to the entire library for $99/month. You can offer reimbursement options when they show a completion certificate or provide company cards for self-managed learning. For instance, your more junior carpenters could purchase the entire library and your leads could purchase an individual course like advanced roof cutting course or contract writing.

  • When will an employee receive their Certificate of Completion?

    Once an employee passes the final exam or quizzes with 70% or higher (they can take these as many times as needed), they will receive a Certificate of Completion. This is available in the course dashboard once they have 100% completed and passed a course.

  • Is an employee tested on the training content?

    Yes, our courses include an assessment in the form of quizzes or a final exam, primarily in multiple choice format.

  • I’ve enrolled 6 or more employees at the discounted rate, what happens next?

    Login to your account on and click on the dashboard, followed by clicking on the course you want to enroll the employee(s) into, then click “Add Member.” You enter their First Name, Last Name and email address, theno nce an employee(s) are enrolled, they will get an Automatic email from MT Copeland with login details (Please let the employee(s) know to check their spam or junk folder, just in case the email does not appear at the top of their inbox). Employees can access their course(s) by clicking the “Student Dashboard” in their account. They can watch the videos as many times as needed on any device (iPad, phone or desktop) and use the downloadable resources in the introductory section. These can be printed and referenced at home or in the office.

  • How do I check my employee(s) progress?

    Please ask your employee(s) to show you a completion certificate for the course(s) they were enrolled in and offer a course reimbursement. This will create a supportive environment where learning is celebrated and rewarded. The certificate is available in their course dashboard once they have 100% completed and passed the quizzes or the final exam with 70% or higher (these can be taken as many times as needed).

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