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Enhance Employee Skillsets

– Industry-led curriculum developed by experts
– Online education suited to all employee levels
– Promote learning with course reimbursements

our COURSE library

  • Blueprint Reading
  • Construction Math
  • Tools and Materials
  • Estimating
  • House Framing
  • Finish and Trim
  • Window and Door Installations
  • Custom Roof Cutting
Soft Skills
  • Career Success
  • Project Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Delivery Methods
  • Construction Law
  • Software Systems
  • Industry Ethics
Specialty Trades
  • Interior Painting
  • Drywall Finishing
  • Plumbing Basics
  • Shower Tiling

Available Plans

Identify organizational skill gaps and empower your employees to enroll in courses tailored to their roles and career aspirations. You can offer reimbursement options when they show a completion certificate or provide company cards for self-managed learning. Choose from the options below:

  • Employees can select any individual course for $75 or $225 here, with discounted rates for group enrollments of 6 or more seats per course, automatically applied at checkout. They will have access to course material for 30 days.
  • Employees can get an all-access monthly subscription to the entire library for just $99/per person. Billed monthly, cancel anytime.
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Fast-Track YOUR Carpenters

Becoming a skilled carpenter can take 10-20 years of on-the-job experience. But that was time the Cleary Company didn’t have. Their lead carpenters would retire in 5-10 years. And their younger carpenters expected faster career growth and rewards for hard work. Thomas King, their Director of Construction, needed to train their new, inexperienced employees more quickly.

The Cleary Company used on-demand video curses to expedite the learning of specific trade skills. By providing this fundamental building knowledge from day one, they saw a 7-14 day reduction in training time for each new course their employee take, and saved $8,600 per month by reducing time teaching the basics on site.


  • What do courses include?

    Online courses include professionally produced videos taught by leaders in the trades and supplementary learning material such as quizzes, assessments and downloadable materials to help you acquire new skills. Watch anywhere, always at your own pace. We keep lesson videos short so they’re easy to watch after work or on your lunch break. You can finish a course in one sitting, or space it out over a week or two.

  • What are the courses like?

    Courses range from 1-6 hours in length, and consist of 10-30 lessons, running about 10-15 minutes long. This makes learning accessible in the field, during training luncheons or at home. They are entirely self-paced, so an employee can learn multiple times a week or once a day based on their schedule. At the end of the course, a final exam is taken to assess knowledge and understanding. A certificate of completion is presented with a passing score of 70% on the final exam.

  • Are your courses code-compliant, and is the training still relevant if we build solely in one state?

    Great building starts with a solid understanding of the fundamentals. MT Copeland’s training focuses on these fundamentals, providing the student a solid foundation in their trade.  When building or industry codes are referenced, our training focuses on how to use the code to find the relevant information rather than simply learning version specific code requirements. This approach allows the tradesperson to stay current with the most applicable code requirements throughout their career.

  • What is MT Copeland?

    MT Copeland helps you further your career in the building industry with expert-led online education that will make you a better, smarter tradesperson.

    Our training courses give you a foundation in construction fundamentals and trade skills with real-world applications and best practices to help you grow on the job.

  • How can we train our employees?

    First, identify the skills and knowledge gaps within your organization and set clear goals for the programs you offer. From there, have your employees select courses in our library that are relevant to their roles and career aspirations. Encourage employees to take advantage of training opportunities by highlighting the benefits and offering reimbursement options or provide company cards for self-managed learning. We offer discounted rates for 6 or more employees enrolled in a single course, automatically applied at checkout.

  • How do I select which courses are best for my team if some individuals are new to the trades, and others are more experienced?

    Employees can select courses “a la carte” for $75 or $225 or get an all-access pass to the entire library for $99/month. You can offer reimbursement options when they show a completion certificate or provide company cards for self-managed learning. For instance, your more junior carpenters could purchase the entire library and your leads could purchase an individual course like advanced roof cutting course or contract writing.

Start Employee Training

Investing in learning opportunities and reimbursement programs is an investment in the future success of your business. It sets your company apart as an employer of choice, helping you attract top talent and retain valuable employees in the long term. By empowering your workforce to grow and develop, you will create a supportive environment where learning is celebrated and rewarded.

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