Why MTCopeland?

  1. Build a training program 
  2. Dashboard to track team’s progress
  3. Dedicated customer support team
  4. Affordable and easy-to-launch
  5. Compatible with industry-standard LMSs

Transform Your Team
  1. On-demand training
    • Get access to building fundamentals and advanced training
  2. Learn anytime, anywhere
    • Take our courses at home, at the office, onsite – anywhere you have Internet access.  Our courses are in manageable snippets, so teams can learn faster.
  3. World-class instructors
    • Our instructors are experienced tradespeople with a deep passion for teaching
  4. Spanish Content
    • Our courses are available with Spanish subtitles
  5. Check your team’s understanding
    • Leverage resources and assessments to check your team’s understanding


““The videos are high-quality and compelling, and are the type of courses we want to share with our employees.””

Thomas King, Cleary Company.

““We use the courses to supplement onsite training. For instance, we recently built a deck. I had my newbie take the deck course and we were able to talk and work though what we saw on the decking video in real-time.””

Garrett Schrader, Schrader Construction

““I have a small remodeling company and I see your courses as a huge asset.””

Justin Kolic, Ann Arbor Remodeling