Commercial Construction

Learn about the various sectors of the commercial construction industry, the many different skill sets involved, and how the industry operates today.

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Lesson Plan

9 Video Lessons · 41M

  • 1. Course Overview

    Dr. Christine Fiori, Program Director for the Construction Management Program at Drexel University, welcomes you to the course and shares what you’ll learn: from the dynamic skills required by the construction industry to the technological innovations driving the industry into the future.

  • 2. Sectors of the Industry

    A number of different sectors comprise the construction industry: residential, commercial, heavy civil, and industrial. Learn about the ample opportunities for career growth and salary potentials for each.

  • 3. People, Equipment, and Materials

    Construction is a dynamic blend of people, equipment, and materials. Learn about the roles and responsibilities of various tradespeople who oversee the production, shipment, operation of equipment, and materials.

  • 4. Commercial Construction: Types of Projects

    The commercial sector encompasses office buildings, high-rises, data centers, schools, retail facilities, warehouses, and more. Dr. Fiori explains how commercial projects require creativity to work with many different kinds of financial models, project designs, and customer requirements.

  • 5. Commercial Construction: Scale of Projects

    Commercial projects typically fall into one of three sizes: small, which are typically low-budget remodelling projects; medium, which are usually 1-2 stories of renovation or new construction; and large, which are ground-up, new construction projects that take several years to complete.

  • 6. Commercial Construction: Renovation Work

    Renovation projects have unique potential to breathe new life into communities. Dr. Fiori shares her experience on a renovation project on a railway in Philadelphia, which called for preserving old structures while simultaneously improving upon them.

  • 7. Building Relationships

    Construction is built on relationships, with all kinds of personalities and skill sets involved. Dr. Fiori explains how forming positive, effective collaborations on a jobsite are paramount to a project’s success, as well as one’s own career growth.

  • 8. Technology on the Jobsite

    Construction is a people-fueled industry, but technology is driving the industry forward. Dr. Fiori walks you through major developments in construction technology, such as using software to build models, performing surveys with drones, and even making concrete and steel production more sustainable with advanced machinery.

  • 9. Find Meaning in Your Work

    Each role on a construction project requires a very specific skill set, but attention to detail and sense of pride in one’s work are essential for everyone in the industry. Dr. Fiori shares how construction makes a lasting mark on the world, and how each industry member’s contribution not only adds to the project’s legacy, but his or her own, too.

Who it's for: Whether you’re considering a position in construction or already in the workforce, this course is designed to provide an overview of the industry, the tools needed to succeed on the job, and the importance of skill development to enhance productivity.

Key Topics

  • Construction industry

  • Commercial construction

  • Careers in construction

  • Construction technology

  • Sectors of the construction industry

  • Collaboration and relationship-building


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  • What is MT Copeland?

    MT Copeland helps you further your career in the building industry with expert-led online education that will make you a better, smarter tradesperson.

    Our training courses give you a foundation in construction fundamentals and trade skills with real-world applications and best practices to help you grow on the job.

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    Online courses include professionally produced videos taught by leaders in the trades and supplementary learning material such as quizzes, assessments and downloadable materials to help you acquire new skills. Watch anywhere, always at your own pace. We keep lesson videos short so they’re easy to watch after work or on your lunch break. You can finish a course in one sitting, or space it out over a week or two.

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