Construction Software Basics

Dr. Kenneth Sands, a Construction Management professional and university professor in Construction Education, teaches you about various different kinds of software used in construction across several phases, and demonstrates user tutorials in NavisWorks, MS Project, Bluebeam Revu, and Procore.

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Lesson Plan

9 Video Lessons · 1H 47M

  • 1. Introduction

    Your instructor, Dr. Kenneth Sands, reviews the ways many different systems and workflows are combined to make construction run smoothly, software included. Learn why software is a critical component in construction management, and how software is used in nearly every step of the construction process.

  • 2. CM Software

    Software helps organize documentation, track risks, and input information correctly. Ken reviews the many kinds of construction software, each of which is designed for use during a different phase of construction.

  • 3. Why Use Software?

    Not only can software make project workflows more seamless, but it can also help save money since it cuts down on paperwork and labor hours. Learn about the many benefits of using software.

  • 4. What Software, Which Phase?

    Ken reviews several different softwares that correspond to certain construction phases: from 3D design, scheduling, and estimating software used in the pre-construction phase; to groupware systems that allow large teams to track progress.

  • 5. 3D Model Review Software: NavisWorks

    NavisWorks helps you navigate a 3D model, and also includes logistics like timelines and cost of materials. Ken demonstrates how to use NavisWorks to understand a project’s design and flag potential issues.

  • 6. Scheduling Software: MS Project

    Ken prepares a construction project management schedule using MS Project. Learn how to input sequencing, establish “depends-on” parameters, create timelines, and complete each essential step of scheduling.

  • 7. Estimating Software: Bluebeam Revu

    Bluebeam Revu allows you to capture material quantities on a 2D plan, add pricing, and produce a well-structured construction estimate. Ken demonstrates how to use Bluebeam Revu to analyze a site plan, add information like measurements and annotations, and calculate a basic estimate.

  • 8. Groupware: Procore

    Procore is a groupware system that helps project management team members communicate. Ken reviews how to use Procore to build workflows, create RFIs and submittals, and manage daily logs.

  • 9. Conclusion

    Maximizing software capabilities will help you be more efficient in your construction career. Ken emphasizes the importance of curiosity when learning how to use new technology—and how it will serve you well in construction management.

Who it's for: This course is designed for construction professionals and contractors looking to learn about software systems that can help complete a project efficiently; lower costs; and aid in effective communication with clients, crew, and everyone involved during the building process.

Key Topics

  • How to use construction software

  • CM software

  • Design software

  • Scheduling software

  • Estimating software

  • Groupware


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