Coping Moulding and Trim

Learn coping crown moulding, joint techniques, and the mindset needed to make beautiful trims.

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Lesson Plan

9 Video Lessons ยท 43M

  • 1. Course Overview

    Your instructor, Aaron, is a finish carpenter working in Massachusetts. Here he welcomes you to the course and discusses the importance of craftsmanship and pride in your work.

  • 2. Types of Trim

    Aaron explains the functional and aesthetic purposes of the three trims used in this course: crown moulding, chair rail, and baseboard.

  • 3. Mitering vs. Coping Crown Moulding

    Sometimes it's better to miter mouldings for an inside joint, and sometimes it's better to cope crown moulding. Learn how to miter crown moulding as Aaron explains the pros and cons of both options.

  • 4. Measuring and Cutting Crown Moulding

    Aaron shows you how to accurately measure, cut, and miter a piece of moulding in preparation for coping.

  • 5. Coping with the Coping Saw

    Carpenters have been using the coping saw for hundreds of years for a reason. Learn how to cope crown moulding by making relief cuts and back cuts with the original coping tool.

  • 6. Coping with the Grinder

    When working with extremely hard wood or large quantities of copes, an electric grinder can make your life a lot easier. Learn to apply the same principles of the coping saw to a power tool so you can get more done in less time without sacrificing quality.

  • 7. Coping with the Table Saw

    Done safely, coping with the table saw is an efficient way to move through a lot of coping work in short order. Aaron shows you his technique for safely and quickly coping crown moulding on the table saw.

  • 8. Adaptable Systems

    One of the secrets to being a successful carpenter is knowing how to adapt to changing work environments. Aaron discusses how to apply different methods of coping crown moulding to various scenarios you might encounter on the job site.

  • 9. Learn and Love the Trades

    The combination of hard work, pride, and an eye for beauty is what creates craftsmanship. Aaron discusses the idea of craft and how to learn from your mistakes as you grow as a carpenter.

Who it's for: This course is for those beginning in the trades, or those wanting to learn more about coping, moulding and trim.

Key Topics

  • Mitering Versus Coping Crown Moulding

  • Measuring Crown Moulding

  • Cutting Crown Moulding

  • How To Cope With A Coping Saw

  • How To Cope With A Grinder

  • How To Cope With A Table Saw

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