Nielsen Crist


Nielsen Crist

Small Business Owner

Nielsen’s company offers a range of services for buildings old and new including renovation, restoration, deep energy retrofits, framing, and finish carpentry.

Experienced Builder

By the time he could walk, Nielsen was on his father’s job site, trying to make himself useful. At the age of 13, he realized he enjoyed being a cut man for trim work.

Family Carpenter

Nielsen got an earlier start in the trades than most, thanks to his father’s remodeling company in New Jersey. To this day, he turns to his grandfather’s dog-eared copy of Architectural Graphic Standards for reference.


Growing up in a family-owned remodeling company provided Nielsen with a helpful overview of all building trades and how they relate to each other. He began to enjoy trim work in his early teens and started framing in his later teens. He expanded his carpentry education working for various framing contractors, trimmers, and heavy commercial construction companies. As a business owner, he intently focuses on building and restoring homes with attention to the finer details. He strives to continually learn how to build more sustainably.

“Take pride in your work. Never cut corners. Never stop learning.”

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