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Learn everything you need to know to successfully install drywall from expert drywall professional and business owner Lydia Crowder. This training will equip you with basic knowledge of the material; step-by-step instruction on how to bid, execute, and finish a drywall job; and an overview of the tools you’ll need to use throughout the process.

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Drywall finisher mudding a corner wall


“I am a general building contractor that just started. These lessons are great because they make you feel like it’s one on one learning. It’s clear and simple, I think that is the best way to actually get a grasp of things.”

Marlon O.

“This is a good, quick course that can be expounded upon later for new employees or for those who want to understand the why in framing.”

Aaron M.

“Anyone who is a carpentry novice has this as a stepping stone and can feel confident after taking this course.”

Randy M.

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